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Frequently Asked Questions :
Q: How do I view the patterns on this site?
A: You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view the patterns. If you do not have it, click here for free download
Q: Do I have to pay for the patterns?
A. No, you can print these out for free.
Q: How do I  know what count of fabric I am using?
A. Measure  1 inch width and length of your fabric and count the number of squares on it. E.g 14 square in an inch=14count
Q: How do I know the length and width of the finished pattern?
A. First determine the count of your fabric. Take the number of stitches written on the pattern and divide by the fabric count. E.g 14 count, 200 x 150 stitch pattern = 200/14 = 14.28" . Always add at least 1 1/2" more on all sides of the finished pattern.

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